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Why It’s Important to Get on the First Page of Google

Bethany SEO: Why It’s Important to Get on the First Page of Google

In the past, traditional marketing usually leaned towards and gave an advantage to larger companies that were able to spend more money on advertising and promotional campaigns. In the online arena, Bethany Search Engine Optimization / Bethany SEO levels the field for small and large business owners. One doesn’t need thousands of dollars to launch a successful online campaign, and this is what every small business owner needs to capitalize on. When using Bethany SEO, your advertising budget can shrink while at the same time, increasing your sales.

In the internet age, every business should have an online presence. That starts by having your website and then is followed by making every effort to drive relevant traffic to that site. The strategies and processes that you will use to ensure that your targeted traffic is reached are called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and no one does it better than Bethany SEO /Bethany Search Engine Optimization.

If you are a small business owner, you want to be sure that whatever small amount of money you have allocated to optimize your business site will not be wasted. That is why you should never leave your online marketing to chance or what I hear too often, “Throw a couple of hundred bucks at it and see what sticks!” When Bethany SEO is able to do Search Engine Optimization for you, why risk your money on an unproven company or individual? Unless you have the right skills and experience, the task of implementing effective Bethany SEO strategies should be delegated to the experts. If you are just taking a stab in the dark at your marketing, then you can never be sure what is effective and what is a waste of your valuable time and money.

The right application of Bethany SEO / Bethany Search Engine Optimization practices has helped a lot of companies; it can also help yours if you apply the right approaches. Collaborate with a reputable Bethany SEO / Bethany Search Engine Optimization service providers who can work with you in getting the right traffic and improvements in search engine rankings. Using both on page and off page Bethany SEO practices and work with experts who can look at your website and make changes to help your conversion rates. A website with lots of traffic but no sales is a waste of your hard earned money and time.

Widening Your Customer or Follower Base

Proper SEO techniques applied to your website will help you get a share of good indexing from the search engines. Keywords or phrases highly sought after by end-users will cost a lot if you are one of the companies who bid for paid searches. Search engines will index your website if it is SEO to be relevant.

Internet users who will be led to your website will be an addition to your client base if they find your content, products, or services useful from their end. By using Bethany SEO / Bethany Search Engine Optimization and finding yourself on the first page of google is one of the best ways for Internet users to locate your business. It is impossible to overstate the value of a web site being found for the right key words on page one of google. Google is the number one search engine and when most people want to find a product or service, that is the first place they go. At the same time, don’t dismiss Yahoo and Bing search engines. They are not as big as google but they are the next two biggest search engines. Fortunately for you, Bethany SEO does their magic to get you on the first page of those search engines also.


This can be viewed both from the end of the search engine and the internet user. Search engines will always lead readers or customers to highly relevant websites. Bethany SEO increases your visibility on the internet so you can reach out to your target readers or market.

Bethany SEO / Bethany Search Engine Optimization helps you to build your brand and make it among the top choices in the market. Visibility through SEO means being found and accessibility from the end of the consumers.

Credibility and Market Perception

When people see you among their top choices when they do their search, this gives them the impression that you are the best among your class. You are among the top calibers in your fields. Bethany Search Engine Optimization helps you attain a respectable perception from potential clients.

According to studies, people led by search engines to the website will most likely stick to what they find on your website. This means Bethany Search Engine Optimization also increases your revenues through repeat customers.

Build Intellectual Property Asset

This may sound complicated but it is not really that hard to understand. SEO focuses on creating key word enhanced, quality contents which make it a findable target of the search engines.

The quality content that you use on your website makes you one of the authorities in that field of business. Search engine optimized contents will indirectly benefit other areas of your business aside from placing you on a better search rank position.

High Quality Web Standard

Search engines know when there are errors on your website. Errors in your code are a minus factor for you to be placed in the higher page ranks. SEO makes sure that you have a well-built website which will be inviting to the eyes of the search engines.

Affordable and Cost Effective

Another proven benefit of SEO optimization is its affordability and cost effectiveness. There are several methods that webmasters can employ to increase visibility among potential, visitors, for example, advertising space could be purchased on Google Ad Words on a “pay-per-click” basis. However, as often the case, such options have proved unprofitable, and a loss regarding the time, money and effort spent. On the other hand, good SEO optimization delivers a comparatively, higher level of returns, with minimum investment and effort, making it the most affordable and cost-effective option today.

Complements Other Marketing Efforts

If you are using traditional, advertising techniques, in addition to promoting products or services via your website, SEO optimization can effectively complement and strengthen such efforts, help you to sell more, and gain more visibility. The objective of SEO optimization in promoting your business is to give punch to your sales pitch, and apart from providing useful, information to visitors, it will also give them some solid, reasons to return to your website.

Talking about the benefits of Bethany Search Engine Optimization try to enter it in the search engine and it will give you countless advantages. SEO gives you the tangibles regarding more traffic and probably more sales. In the long run, SEO will not just be your key to online success but the guarantee that the search engines will show you the money.

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